My Pre-EMC World 2015 Workout Challenge

After a tough New England Winter it’s time for some personal change!

As a a preparation for this years EMC World I’m starting a personal challenge, and anybody’s welcome to join me!
Here’s my plan for the next 30 days prior to departing for EMC World in Las Vegas on April 30th:
2x 7-Minute Workouts everyday (Courtesy of ‘The 7 Minute Workout’ App on my iPhone)
1x 10-minute Yoga everyday (A YouTube Search yields lots of results for this)
10,000 Steps everyday (Courtesy of my iPhone and UP24 App)
64 oz of Water consumed everyday (Guidelines from WebMD are 125 oz for men, so I’m going for 64 oz of just water and my coffee intake should take care of the rest)

I’ll be working on eating better too to fuel my endeavor.( I’m tracking calories via ‘My Fitness Pal’ App on my iPhone)


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