Container Days Boston 2016 (Day 1)

Just finished 2 days at the Microsoft N.E.R.D Center (love that name!) attending Container Days and have to say it was an excellent small conference experience!

Dynamic Infra Days (@DynInfraDays) did a fabulous job hosting and coordinating, the crew was well informed and very helpful too.

Day 1:

The opening session, From Hello World to Real World: Creating a Production-Grade Container Environment, with Shannon Williams (@smw355) and Bill Maxwell from Rancher (@Rancher_Labs) really set things on the right track. The was followed up with an OpenSpaces “Ignite-off” where 12 talks/discussions were selected for later in the day.

There were some hard choices on what to attend for the rest of the morning, and since I still consider myself a n00b, I tried to stick with a basic track and chose Docker for the Developer,  from Borja Burgos over Hiding in Plain Sight: Managing Secrets in a Container Environment, from Jeff Mitchell. Next up I went with Layer-X: Globally-aware, Pluggable Scheduling for Mesos, with Scott Weiss over ComplianceOps: Containers in Regulated Environments from Elliot Murphy. I was quite impressed with Layer-X and plan to read up a bit more on the details.

I unfortunately had to duck out for a bit and missed Understanding Cluster Schedulers, and Why You’ll Want a Better One with Ionel Gog & Malte Schwarzkopf, I’ll look for the link of the recording and any slides though as this sounds like it was pretty good.

The OpenSpaces/Ignite/Un-conference sessions were interesting and I jumped in and out of a few. I really liked Quinn Murphy’s (@qh_murphy) talk on Monolithic & Microservices, great story and good point that Encapsulation is a big win early in the journey!

Sat in a session called Introduction to Overlay Networks; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from Andrey Sibiryov that was quite interesting and I look forward to reviewing the slides from that in the future, I tweeted quite a few of them out live and can always fall back to those if I can’t find the slides. (#TweetingFTW) I missed Introducing Service Fabric; A Distributed Services Platform from James Sturtevant as it ran in parallel, hope to find the recording and slides for that one too.

Day 1 wrapped up with a trip to Mead Hall for drinks, discussion and apps and was a nice finish to the day; lots of networking and an extensive Beer list made it worth the short walk for sure.

Check out Twitter and #cdbos for some great pics and info from the event!


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