Container Days Boston 2016 (Day 1)

Just finished 2 days at the Microsoft N.E.R.D Center (love that name!) attending Container Days and have to say it was an excellent small conference experience!

Dynamic Infra Days (@DynInfraDays) did a fabulous job hosting and coordinating, the crew was well informed and very helpful too.

Day 1:

The opening session, From Hello World to Real World: Creating a Production-Grade Container Environment, with Shannon Williams (@smw355) and Bill Maxwell from Rancher (@Rancher_Labs) really set things on the right track. The was followed up with an OpenSpaces “Ignite-off” where 12 talks/discussions were selected for later in the day.

There were some hard choices on what to attend for the rest of the morning, and since I still consider myself a n00b, I tried to stick with a basic track and chose Docker for the Developer,  from Borja Burgos over Hiding in Plain Sight: Managing Secrets in a Container Environment, from Jeff Mitchell. Next up I went with Layer-X: Globally-aware, Pluggable Scheduling for Mesos, with Scott Weiss over ComplianceOps: Containers in Regulated Environments from Elliot Murphy. I was quite impressed with Layer-X and plan to read up a bit more on the details.

I unfortunately had to duck out for a bit and missed Understanding Cluster Schedulers, and Why You’ll Want a Better One with Ionel Gog & Malte Schwarzkopf, I’ll look for the link of the recording and any slides though as this sounds like it was pretty good.

The OpenSpaces/Ignite/Un-conference sessions were interesting and I jumped in and out of a few. I really liked Quinn Murphy’s (@qh_murphy) talk on Monolithic & Microservices, great story and good point that Encapsulation is a big win early in the journey!

Sat in a session called Introduction to Overlay Networks; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from Andrey Sibiryov that was quite interesting and I look forward to reviewing the slides from that in the future, I tweeted quite a few of them out live and can always fall back to those if I can’t find the slides. (#TweetingFTW) I missed Introducing Service Fabric; A Distributed Services Platform from James Sturtevant as it ran in parallel, hope to find the recording and slides for that one too.

Day 1 wrapped up with a trip to Mead Hall for drinks, discussion and apps and was a nice finish to the day; lots of networking and an extensive Beer list made it worth the short walk for sure.

Check out Twitter and #cdbos for some great pics and info from the event!


My Pre-EMC World 2015 Workout Challenge

After a tough New England Winter it’s time for some personal change!

As a a preparation for this years EMC World I’m starting a personal challenge, and anybody’s welcome to join me!
Here’s my plan for the next 30 days prior to departing for EMC World in Las Vegas on April 30th:
2x 7-Minute Workouts everyday (Courtesy of ‘The 7 Minute Workout’ App on my iPhone)
1x 10-minute Yoga everyday (A YouTube Search yields lots of results for this)
10,000 Steps everyday (Courtesy of my iPhone and UP24 App)
64 oz of Water consumed everyday (Guidelines from WebMD are 125 oz for men, so I’m going for 64 oz of just water and my coffee intake should take care of the rest)

I’ll be working on eating better too to fuel my endeavor.( I’m tracking calories via ‘My Fitness Pal’ App on my iPhone)

Brushing away the Cobwebs

Life’s been busy since my last post and this place is all dusty and full of cobwebs…time for a little spring cleaning and a return to writing. 

Some of the changes since my last post include a new role for me, EMC vLab Technical Program Manager. That’s a mouthful to say and the job itself is just as big. To condense it down to its simplest meaning you could say that I now herd cats. 


More on that to come… 

Platform Comparisons

Very informative comparison of platforms!


One of the major differences between a VMAX and VNX are the pooling & FAST-VP (auto-tiering SW) implementations. As more and more VNX customers are considering VMAX systems (thanks largely to the introduction of the VMAXe/VMAX10K price point) these differences are often a topic of conversation. There are some noticeable differences in the theory & operation and subsequently the real-world management which are worth understanding.

Data Movement Frequency & Data Movement Granularity:

The most obvious difference in the FAST-VP implementation between the two systems is how often data relocations can occur & the granularity of that data movement.

  • VMAX: data is collected continuously, analyzed continuously and can be moved continuously. The granularity of this data movement can be as small as 12 Symmetrix tracks or 768K
  • VNX: data is collected continuously, analyzed once an hour, and moved once per 24hrs. The way to think about auto-tiering on a VNX is…

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